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Some Call It Education, We Call It Transformation 

Teaching tools for an infinite mindset




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About Our Programs

Empowering a new generation of happy and resilient children. 

These Programs are Designed to Unlock the potential of each child.


We know that every educator and mental health professional has the power to shape the future of their students. Our programs are designed to give you the tools you need to nurture and develop the innate potential in every child.

Through evidence-based videos, meditations, visualizations, and positive affirmations, we provide a comprehensive toolkit that is both effective and engaging for children and teens



Why Choose Superhero Programs? 

Become an agent of change

We have witnessed the transformative power of aligning the strength of our program with teachings, missions, and objectives like yours, resulting in empowered children. Regardless of their current circumstances, children discover the strength of their own resilience and learn manifestation tools that serve as socio-emotional skills to thrive in life.

Boost self-esteem

Help them develop confidence and a positive self-image.

Raise their potential

Awaken their curiosity and elevate their awareness to reach their full potential.


Customize your strategies to the specific needs and personalities of each group.

Positive Learning

Create a gentle and positive learning environment and reduce bad behavior.

Continuous Improvement

Aligned with your vision, the program can enhance your own goals. The program focuses on content that promotes mutual development.

Commitment to the Future

This program turns children into superheroes with skills they can implement as they grow.


With our program, you will have learning tools to enhance children's self-esteem, emotional self-regulation, and resilience.

Become an agent of change!


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Transforming Children´s Future in 

+10 countries


Programs Benefits

Cultivating Happiness and Resilience 

Our programs will provide you with the tools to develop your students' emotional quotient and become a more effective educator, able to create a positive and inspiring learning environment for your students 

 Our programs will help you to

  • Develop children's emotional and mental skills.
  • Improve the school environment and reduce behavioral problems.
  • Improve the child's environment.
  • Provide comprehensive training for educators committed to excellence.
  • Reduce bullying in schools.
  • Innovation and leadership in education.


How These Programs Works 

  Easy implementation, amazing results  

Our programs offer easy implementation for your institution. From enrollment to initial training,  our programs are designed to guide you every step of the way through our user-friendly platform.


With our practical and effective approach, you'll see amazing results in no time. 

The Steps to Becoming a Superhero
Comprehensive Program 

Empowers children to develop strong self-esteem, healthy emotional management, social and communication skills, a growth mindset and resilience.

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Superhero Kindness
 Comprehensive Program 

Develops in children a positive inner dialogue, compassion, empathy, acceptance and love of nature.

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A Superhero Mind
 Audio Program 

Cultivates in children a positive inner dialogue, the ability to visualize and find inner peace, gratitude, serenity and mindfulness and to manage stress and anxiety. 

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Superheroes in Action
 Audio Program 

Provides children with essential life skills such as creativity, goal visualization, positive leadership, self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Missions Program
 Comprehensive Program 

Through our 'Missions Program' children actively engage in affirmations, visualizations, mindfulness, and kindness, ensuring growth and empowerment.

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Success Stories  

Discover how our programs have changed lives. 

Superhero Programs

Our students were able to see that being a hero is not just about having superpowers, but it's also about how you treat others and live your life. Overall, I would highly recommend High Tide Global to any school looking for an engaging and impactful program.

1st Grade Teacher, United States

Superhero Programs

I have noticed a couple of my kids use the POWords in certain small group situations, and it'll be during an activity where maybe they're working on a project, and one child is not focusing and this one little girl I've heard multiple times say, You can do it. You're such a good worker.

Superhero Programs

I loved it! I would like it if they can show this program to other schools, so they can learn new stuff, and it's really about what they use which is entertaining.

4th Grade Student, United States

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About Our Founder

Carolina Lopez Saglietti

Mother, business leader and author.

With more than 20 years of business experience, Carolina López S. has distinguished herself as a leader in several fields, including education, technology, and consulting. As an author and certified mindset coach, her focus on personal development has been central to her life's mission.

She created Superhero Programs with the idea that we can have happier and healthier adults if we start at a young age with skills and tools such as creativity, goal visualization, positive leadership, confidence and self-esteem.

Carolina shares her insights through mindset and leadership programs, empowering individuals to discover their potential and lead successfully. Through her podcast, she offers practical advice and inspiring interviews to guide others toward a fulfilling and empowered life.